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A conversation I once had with someone, led me to the thought that SciFi is a very unique genre. In that, it’s apparent to me that the creators of good SciFi are also their most avid consumers.

That is why I have taken such an avid interest in the indie SciFi film industry. This is where the real blood and guts of the genre live and work. It’s always a great pleasure when someone tips me off about something I think is really cool. Here is another great one:

Prospect is a film about a young girl and her father on an alien world, prospecting for a valuable resource called resin. When her father is attacked, she has to grow up quickly.

Here is the 90 second proof of concept that looks really great:

The filming is happening in the Hoh Rainforest, right in Seattle’s own backyard, and is one of those places on Earth that feels completely foreign. I think it makes a perfect setting for an alien and dangerous world.

The director, Zeek Earl, won best SciFi short film at the Eugene Film Festival with his previous effort In the Pines, so I’m confident in this project.

Check out the kickstarter, they are looking for funding to go forward with production. Check it out here!

Indie short films are a great way for us, the consumers, to put our support behind things that we want to see.

Can’t wait to see more!

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